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Pastoral Care in the Sixth Form

In Graveney Sixth Form all our students receive excellent pastoral care and support. Students meet with their form tutor every day and are the first source of care and advice.

Students meet with an advisor to receive guidance on choosing appropriate courses both prior to enrolment in the Sixth Form and after AS results in the transition to A2 study.

Students' needs are responded to and they are provided with timely information so that they are able to make informed decisions about their future education and lives.


This high level of advice and support continues throughout the UCAS application process. A team of Learning Mentors is available for students who need more focussed support and guidance to structure their studies.

The Head of Year and the Deputy Head of Year oversee the day to day running of the year group, monitoring students' progress and are always available to arrange extra pastoral or academic support if needed.

Care, guidance and support are very strong features and permeate all sixth-form work