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Graveney School

Graveney School Video


0.02 Welcome from Ms Rickman, Principal
1.05 Head of Year 12, Mr Kazi
1.23 Student voices
2.08 Director of Sixth Form, Ms Cronin
2.23 Meet the students
3.54 Transition from primary school, Ms Johnson, Head of Lower School
5.06 Graveney pastoral system, Ms Ibe Senior Head of Year
5.37 Head of Year 10 Mr Udagawa
6.10 Student voices
6.50 Curriculum at KS3 &KS 4, Ms Rickman
9.00 Curriculum at KS5, Ms Cronin
10.00 Music at Graveney, Mr Coates Director of Music
11.17 Outward Bound, DofE and extra curricular activities, Mr Simmons, Deputy Head 16.18 Graveney alumni; Life after school
17.23 Sport, Ms Davies PE teacher
18.51 Ms Akharware, Deputy Head Teacher; Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
20.08 Why choose Graveney